When the weather starts to warm up many people choose to take time to spring clean. This is when you go through the house and do some of the deep cleaning that surely was skipped in the winter. The winter months keep people inside more often and it makes it much harder to air out. The cleaning is a great way to get your home looking, feeling and smelling great. It is a way to increase the air quality in your home but you might be missing a huge piece. You have taken out the winter clothes, opened up the windows, wiped the blinds and scrubbed the kitchen but what about the carpet, rugs and upholstery. These are a huge area of the home that is known for housing germs and allergens that can stop your spring cleaning dead in its tracks. You want to be sure to add these things to your spring cleaning list to get the most out of it. Pacific Gray Carpet Cleaning outlines what goes into carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning this spring.

What Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Involve?

When you hire a professional to come out and clean your carpets you will not be disappointed. The carpets are not only full of allergens and dust but you could have dust mites and carpet beetles as well. The other part of your carpet that often needs to be worked on is removing spills and stains as well as pet odor removal. These are all things that can lead to your home looking messy. The other problem with choosing to forgo the carpet cleaning is that all the dust and allergens that you want to be rid of will still be there. Each time you walk across the carpet the dust that is left behind will be kicked back up in the air. Professional carpet cleaning is a way to remove the dust, debris and stains so that your can get the most out of your spring cleaning.

How Do Professionals Clean Area Rugs?

Some people choose to roll up their area rugs when having their carpets cleaned but that is a terrible idea. The rugs are also full of dust and could have pet stains and spills that will need to be treated. The rugs should be left out to be cleaned as well. The professional cleaning will not only clean the rugs but works to extend the life of the rugs as well.

What are the Steps in Regular Cleaning of Upholstery?

The upholstery includes the couches, chairs and ottomans that are in your home. Most living space has these items that are used by the general people that live or visit the home. The hair, germs, dust, dirt, skin flakes and more end up on these items. You want to be sure that they are cleaned and left fresh to enjoy the start of the spring. The professional company has specialized tools and equipment to treat your sofas, couches and chairs and remove any debris.

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